The first song I ever wrote was for my 4th grade history class. My teacher had given us a huge assignment on the westward movement.  

Now I was supposed to have been working on this project for at least a month, but I hadn't done a thing.   

So there I sat, huddled up beside the wood stove in the middle of the night, feeling sick.

I'd been looking at blank pieces of papers for days and so far I had only drawn a picture of some horses, pulling a covered wagon and a rainbow.  Still not feeling inspired I picked up my guitar and began to "noodling" around on it.   The next thing I knew, I had written a short song about the subject that I called Going West.  

The next day I turned in the picture, along with a quick page I had scribbled on the westward movement and sang my song for the class.   It was a big success and a big lesson for me...  

 Writing a song means an easy A.   

(I used that approach all the way through high school!)