Somebody's Angel

Somebody’s Angel

I met Mary at the Border’s Book Store
She’d come in to get out of the rain.
Lost herself in a paperback novel
Letting go of the pain.

When she turned to leave I noticed.
The look of nobody cares.
Without thinking I laid my hand on her shoulder
just letting her know I was there.

It’s not hard to be somebody’s Angel
When you see the worry furrowed round/sorrow brimming their eyes.
It’s not hard to be Somebody’s Angel
All you need is to care enough to try.

I met David at the Nashville airport.
Kissing his daughter hunkered down on his knee.
Her little arms wrapped around his neck
He said. “I have to leave”

Then the tears came down as he turned away.
He tried to wipe them off in vain.
Without thinking I laid my hand on his shoulder and said.
“Come on man, let it rain.”


I had made a mistake a couple years back
I’d let down my family and friends.
I was looking at the water off the Cumberland bridge
Close to giving up and making it end.

When a man named Michael laid his hand on me.
“Give it time” he said calming my fears.
If it weren’t for the act of this kind gentle stranger
I don’t know if I’d still be here.

You see…

© 2010 Amy Jo Ellis & David Khai
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