Psychic, Medium, Healer

If you are surprised to find out that Amy Jo is a psychic...  So was she!

"I have been feeling other people's emotions for years, I didn't realize it was a phenomenon and that, they even had a name for it "An Empath"

There is huge difference between being an empath and being empathetic.  Being empathetic, you can step into feeling what others are going through. Being an empath means ready or not... you feel what someone else is going through and you don't understand why you feel what you feel.  

Like you dialed in a radio station, you catch into the frequency of someone you thought of or who thought about you, and suddenly without explanation you feel their emotions just as if they were your own.  They might not even be in the room or on the same continent.  You just shift from happy to crying without any explanation.   I was lucky, I figured out quickly that I had linked up with someone else and so I was able to turn off the emotions when I didn't understand them.

I'm pretty sure the looney bin is filled with empaths and mediums.  

The good news is, I'm a better person for it.   Most people who know me, find me filled with compassion, wisdom and the ability to help them feel better almost instantly.  I think this is because I understand fully what they are going through, so I can help them find a better way of looking at it."

Amy Jo has the uncanny ability to sense energy and somehow just "Know" what is causing the interference.   She channels guides, angels and can even speak right to your soul to find out where the conflict lies that is causing you discomfort or failure.   

If you are struggling with a challenge, an illness, feeling physically and emotionally drained or just plain "Stuck" Amy Jo can step into your energy field, find where the conflict of interest lies, and assist you in clearing out the unwanted energy pattern.
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