Court of Atonment

(This can be done on the fly but is even more effective when given a few extra minutes of quiet reverence.)

First: Take a moment to realize that intention is everything in this life.  Hold firm in your mind that you have the power of the universe at your disposal

Second: Think of someone you are at odds with, living or deceased.  Hold that person in your mind.
Third:   "I am placing the souls of ___(state your name)__ and ___(State their name)______ into a court of atonement!  I ask that the energy between them be healed on the astral plane! If there are any other souls who need to be present in order to clear this matter, I ask that they too be called forth and escorted into this Court of Atonement, so that this matter may be cleared in the astral plane.   Thank you for your assistance with this healing.”            

fourth:    Give gratitude and close the request.   "Thank you Amen"  or "And so it is." or "It is Done!"    

This is the statement as my guides taught me to say it:
(remember...  I am a woo woo nut case!)   

“I ask for the assistance of Archangel Michael”  (I generally say this two or three times in order to convince myself that I have made a strong connection.)  
    “I ask for the assistance of Archangel Michael. I ask you to please escort the soul of __________________________ and the soul of _______________________ into a Court of Atonement.  I ask for the situation to be assessed by their guides.  If there are any other souls who need to be present in order to clear this matter, I ask that they too be called forth and escorted into this Court of Atonement, so that this matter may be cleared in the astral plane.   Thank you for your assistance with this healing.  Amen”     
You can call upon any diety you are comfortable for assistance and seal this with any closing statement that feels strong to you.   “It is done”  “And so it is”   "Amen."  etc.  The secret is to use the words and ideas that feel the strongest to you.    
At times, I will also ask that a single person, who I know to be struggling in life, be placed into a Court of Atonement and have the court start at the beginning of his time line and call into court any and all souls who need to be added in “Sanctimonious Order (Holy Order).”  
I have called courts of atonments between friends who were arguing, relatives who have passed, people I have lost touch with.  I also call courts of atonements between strangers I pass who are arguing on the street.   The possibilities are endless.   

The Court of Atonement can help heal families with relatives who are no longer living.  It can also help to heal those that are struggling with illness or addiction.  You may simply ask to put the soul of your loved one into a court of atonement with their agitator such as the spirit of alcoholism, the spirit of Cancer or the soul of a loved one long passed.

After calling a Court of Atonement, you may never hear another word about it; the problem may simply dissolve.   However, My family and my friends who have requested Courts of Atonement have all witnessed incredible results in a very short time.    
I first used the Court Of Atonement while looking for a way to heal my family, as disagreements had seemed to become a way of life.    My guides told me to call a Court of Atonement.   I didn't even know what atonement meant and needed to look it up.   
I channeled the entire proceeding and witnessed the events as each person was called forward to state their grievances.  No rebuttals were allowed, just statements of discord presented as one would charge another in a court of law, such as  “I charge my brother with _______.”   Each person was called forward to state their grievances in this way.   Then, each who was charged, in turn, was told, “You have been charged with __________, how do you plea?”   I heard either “guilty, not guilty, or guilty with probable cause.”    
When a statement of not guilty or guilty with probable cause was made, it was requested that they state their defense.  Then the opposing person was allowed a moment of rebuttal.   Usually, this was enough to clear the issue but on two occasions it was not enough and both parties were ordered into a life review, to view their actions from the opposing position and that always ended with pleas of guilty or a change of heart from the one doing the charging.      
Then one by one they were called forward and I heard this:    “You have pleaded guilty to ________.  How do you intend to make restitution?”  It was always with gentle humility that I heard things like:  “I intend to call my brother and apologize for my actions.” “I intend to send them financial assistance” or “I intend to make up for it in another lifetime.” 
You do not need to attend a Court of Atonement, in order for you to call one and have it work for you.   It happens in the astral plane and untangles the energy behind the problems.   I am only telling you what I heard, because I have found that some people are reluctant to call a Court of Atonement because they are afraid of letting the person who hurt them get away with it.    I just thought you might like to know that they do not get away with anything. They are about to make restitution for it.     
-Amy Jo Ellis is a clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairvoyant (in that order) psychic medium, channel and healer with over 20 years experience.
If you are feeling stuck, struggling with an illness or a physical or emotional challenge, Amy Jo can step into your energy field find the blocks, and assist you in clearing the energy in and around the obstruction.