Holistic Health Consulting

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Whole-istic Dowsing

If you are ready to take your health and well being to the next level..   Amy Jo uses her pendulum, and  her psychic intuition to help you locate the energy blocks that are causing your pain, illness, phobias, discomfort and even financial burdens... Etc.

Then with her seemingly endless knowledge of Healing Modalities she helps you uproot those buried memories to find inner peace.

Crystal Vibrational Healing

I always made fun of people who used crystals, so it was quite a shock when I became obsessed with them.

Every cell of our bodies has a vibrational frequency.    The speed of the frequency is different from a lung to toe nail.  When we have an illness the speed of the cells slows down and has less energy.
Crystals also vibrate and send out frequencies.  This is why they are used in record players, computer components, and lasers.  

Amy Jo's psychic ability of claresentience allows her to pick up a crystal and feel it's energy vibrating in her body, letting her know what each stone is best used for...
and if she can't feel her pancreas she uses her pendulum to help figure it out.

Just like people have food allergies some crystals are great for one person and not great for another.   Amy Jo messures your bodies reaction to each stone and she will use only stones that match your frequency. 

 Faster EFT

After using  and loving  Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Technique for many years,
Amy Jo found Robert Smiths Faster EFT. 

She says, "The speed of which you can eliminate fear is frightening!!!"


Grief Recovery

Using multiple modalities of healing including FasterEFT, Court of Atonement and many others,
Amy Jo can help you find
peace again.
Soul Alignment

Have you ever felt like you were going in two different directions at once?   When that happens we feel like we are spinning our wheels and getting no where.     

It's been proven that at times the conscious mind wants one thing while the subconscious mind wants another.  
Using her claircognasance
Amy Jo helps you figure out where you are trying to go and the best route that get's you to both places!   Kind of like planning vacation destinations on a road trip!    Enjoy the ride.

Learn To Dowse

Now is your chance to learn how to tap into the universal knowledge bank and receive real answers.
Lean to feel the connection to the divine and trust your instincts.

Amy Jo offers tutorials, over the phone or via Skype.

Many of the modes of healing that Amy Jo uses were not processes she went to school to learn but processes she developed.   All of the healing is done along side of doctor prescribed medication not instead of.