This is Amy Jo and I'd like to tell you thanks for taking a look at my profile.

I gave my publicist the day off so this is just you and me. - One on one.

I was born and raised on a horse ranch out in the foot hills of Southern California, called Modjeska Cyn.

It was there where I grew up as a country girl who barely saw the city that surrounded me. Once a week my dad would take a trip to town for supplies and each week one of us kids got to tag along. This was a special treat!  Each of us got  to town about once a month. Mostly I didn't care that the city even existed.  If it weren't for the Tasty Freeze ice cream cones on the way home I wouldn't have cared to go at all.

As a kid I spent my time up to my knees in the creek catching tadpoles or out riding horses in the hills.

I don't remember how old I was when I started playing guitar, but I do remember at the age of seven singing on stage with my dad. There was a big party, and I do mean a BIG party, where my dad was entertaining. He got me up on stage to sing and play my guitar, and I'm telling you, I was Dolly Parton for three and half minutes! The stage was actually a diving board, but I knew that I had hit the big time!

That was the beginning.  I went on to sing and write songs professionally and have been performing for a living for nearly my whole life.

In 2005 I found myself on the other side of the world. I went to Puerto Rico on a singing job, fell in love with the tropics and stayed for 10 years.  We lived on a tiny island off the coast of Puerto Rico called Culebra.

There in the warm breeze I earned a decent living singing in tiny water front restaurants where I was treated like a rock star when people recognize me as I walk through town.

Now as fate would have it, things have changed and I find myself living in and loving Northern Idaho just outside of Couer D'Alene.   

As an artist I've done some cool stuff, won some nice awards but really... It doesn't matter what I've done in my past. It's what I'm aiming to do with my future that's important. Touching the hearts of people with exceptional song writing and outstanding music is my personal goal.

I try my best with each song I write, to leave the listener up lifted and or healed in some small way.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Amy Jo