Ancient Truths & Wisdom

I have known for a long time that it was possible to manifest with my thoughts, because I had seen it happen time and time again.   One time I was searching desperately for a pair of pliers, and after searching for more than a half an hour, I tripped over the handle of a pair of rusty pliers, that were sticking up out of the ground!  I had to kick them a bit to get them to come loose, but once I  had knocked the dirt off, they worked perfectly.  On my way home from this event,  I found 4 more sets of pliers laying in the road!!!  What are the chances of this???      I began asking spirit what were the processes of thought , that had manifested 5 pair of pliers seemingly out of thin air.     

My questions began being answered in channeled messages.   I am told that some of this information has not been available to mankind for centuries.  Yes I know this sounds strange...  It does to me too...   But I can hear this voice with a clarity that makes it impossible to ignore.   

In the days that followed I received clear, concise, step by step, applications that teach you the secret of alignment, which is the key ingredient for manifestation.

I have compiled all  20 days of channeling into a booklet.   It is free and available for download right here and now.   There is no cost, and you don't even need to give me your email address to get it.    But if you do like what you read, I invite you to join my blog  "Ancient Truths and Wisdom" and also my Facebook group "High Vibrational Thinking"   Where I post frequently new messages and answer questions.    

It has been one of my greatest joys to receive these works, and my only wish is to share them with peaceful, like minded individuals who can help me use these tools to change not only our lives, but to heal the Earth it's self. 

Thank you
Amy Jo 

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